About the PTA

The PTA organises fundraising activities involving as many people as possible, and aims to make the activities fun. It aims to encourage good relations between staff, parents and others involved in the school.

We are always looking for parents to get involved in the events that the PTA organises. It is most rewarding to see our fundraising put into action.

At a time where schools’ budgets are increasingly stretched, it makes our fundraising all the more vital. Whether you can spare an hour to help at an event or would like to regularly attend meetings, all help is gratefully received!  Taking part in PTA events benefits and enriches the education of our children.  If you would like to get more actively involved, please come along to our meetings.

The PTA co-chairs are: Laura Boillot, Clare Cresswell and Lindsey Williams. You can contact them on: PTA@littleheath.herts.sch.uk 

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Useful Documents

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The PTA has helped with a number of projects inside and out ranging from re-vamping the library area, new equipment and facilities hall, and most recently a new outdoor classroom and technology room.

More information can be found in the PTA newsletters at the bottom of the page.

Easy Fundraising 

Easy Fundraising works in a similar way to Nectar points but instead of points you raise a donation for your selected cause. All the well-known stores (2000 + of them) from Amazon to Tesco and John Lewis are registered with the site so you can do your usual internet shopping and raise money for the school. Click on the link for more information. www.easyfundraising.org.uk

The PTA is now registered with Easy Fundraising so you can register now and start fundraising. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. If you click on this link easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/littleheathpta it will take you to our page and you can register from there. All you need to do once your account is set up is login, find the retailer you want and get shopping!
  2. You can also raise money just through the searches that you make (it is estimated that each person could raise up to £25 each per year this way) by using http://littleheathpta.easysearch.org.uk

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03 Oct 2018
Family Photo Day