To create an environment for learning which will encourage all children to achieve the highest standards through the provision of a broad, balanced and imaginative curriculum combined with enthusiastic and effective teaching.

To help children to develop into confident, responsible and caring adults through clearly articulated parameters and in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.

To encourage children to become self-motivated learners who will take risks and rise to a challenge.

To enable children to develop into independent learners by creating an environment where contributions, efforts and achievement are valued and where all give their best because they value their learning.

To communicate the Little Heath vision statement effectively to all members of the community in order to inspire excellence throughout the school.

The aims of the school are reflected in the way the children respect one another and are willing to accept responsibility for self and others. They share, work collaboratively and support one another’s successes. They share the whole school’s commitment to high expectations in all areas of their personal development.